Tips to Decorate Your Home with Fake Plants!

Are you looking for some new ideas to decorate your home in a brand new style? If yes, then we would like to tell you that you’re are at the right place. Today, we will be sharing breath-taking tips to decorate your home with fake plants.

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Fake plants? You must be thinking about why and how one can decorate the home with fake plants. Well, this is really not just possible but it is a great hack these days that many homeowners, as well as business owners, use and they really get awe-inspiring complements. You must be excited to know how to style your home with faux plants, so let’s began!

Buy Right

When it comes to home decoration, you must understand how important it is to buy the right products. There are a couple of things that you must consider while purchasing decorative items (fake plants) for your home.

#1 Size matters a lot (to get the perfect look you desire)

Yes, you heard it absolutely right that the size of the plants matters a lot as there is a number of options in size available in the market. If you are wondering how the size matters, then we would like to explain it to you. If you want to place a tree in the living room, then you will require big planters for trees. On the other hand, if you want to place a plant in the room, then you will need a small one. Therefore, the size of the plants matters the most.

#2 Colour can double the charm (to match with your home theme)

You should buy the right color of the fake plants or trees that match the theme of your entire home to get the best results. When you use the right color, then the charm of your home will be doubled. On the contrary, if you don’t use the right color, then you will not get that good appearance. Hence, be very selective with the color of the fake plants you purchase.

#3 Place plays a vital role (where you want to place the faux plants/decorative items)

Are you wondering how the hotels, resorts, palaces, or commercial places look so perfect from every angle? Well, it is because they place everything in the right place. Therefore, decorating the home isn’t that easy as it might seem to be as you need to be very particular with every small aspect.

E.g. you can’t place the vertical wall garden at any corner of the house. you will have to find the right place in order to get the perfect outcomes.

Buy vertical wall garden for indoor as well as outdoor

#4 Option/Variety (always have multiple options)

You have to be extremely selective as there are a million choices available to choose from. If you will not make the right choice, then your home might not look that good as you desire. When it comes to faux plants, you will find huge variety, however, you will have to choose as per your needs (home theme).


You might be surprised to know, if you place the fake plants in the perfect natural light, then it looks more beautiful. In fact, it looks totally real or natural.


Yes, you should clean the faux plants often so that it remains clean and look beautiful from outside. By cleaning the fake plants, you will be able to keep them in good condition for a longer time.

Add some real stuff

In order to make your home more attractive, then you can add some real dirt/sand to the planters for trees as it will give a more natural look. There is also a possibility that many of your guests think that these are real plants.


One of the best ways to modify the looks of your home is to Re-Plant or Re-Pot. By doing this, you can completely change the entire look of your home.

The end

Now, if you are wondering to purchase some cheap artificial plants online, then don’t hesitate to visit the Forever Hedge website. We sell high-quality artificial plants at a very reasonable price.



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